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Sage ACT 2010-2011 – My Brand New Academy – Coming Soon…

Sage ACT 2010 / 2011 Training Tutorials – The most fantastic ACT resource on the web – Step By Step Tutorials, videos, audios, advice and a whole host of value – www.act-2010.co.uk


All I can say is WOW!!!

The unbelievably heart warming comments I’ve received since anouncing the closure of my ACT Accelerator Coaching program has really touched me.  I had no idea about the profound impact my education was having on so many people

So I’ve made a decision which I’m guessing, will make lots of you extremely happy.

I’m working on something brand new and am calling it “The ACT Academy”

Coming early 2011, current plan is to launch 1st March and between now and then, I’ll be posting lots of information and resources about what’s going to be included

This is so exciting and I just know it will provide the ACT community with something that it desperately needs, which is a fantastic education at an affordable investment

For more details and to register your early interest, head over to


Take care and let me take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Kindest regards

Keith Wilson, ACT Expert with 17 years experience

Website: www.TheACTAcademy.com

Blog: http://www.act2010.wordpress.com

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