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Sage ACT 2010-2011 Tutorial – Importing data from Outlook

Sage ACT 2010 / 2011 Training Tutorials – The most fantastic ACT resource on the web – Step By Step Tutorials, videos, audios, advice and a whole host of value – www.act-2010.co.uk


This brief tutorial provides a step by step process that will enable you to import data into your ACT database directly from Outlook

And yes you are right, it was recorded using ACT 2009 however the procedure is exactly the same in ACT 2010

What’s more, it was taken from a much more comprehensive video (from within my paid ACT Accelerator membership program) that provides details on how to also import data from Sage 50 Accounts and Microsoft Excel

For further enhancements and additional import functionality, I would suggest you consider ACT 2011 as one of the nice new features, is the ability to specify a typical import template

More on this shortly but until then,

Enjoy and talk to you soon


Warm regards


  1. nina
    26/10/2010 at 10:02 PM

    I watched your intro of ACT 2010! It is the most informative video I have ever seen. I’ve been using ACT since 1992, and know a lot about the capability; your video open my eyes and will try ACT 2010. In addition, I would like to know if you are recommending ACT 2011? Thank you.

    • 27/10/2010 at 12:24 PM

      Hi Nina

      Thank you so much for your kind words, it seems my objective to simply provide valuable material to the ACT community is hitting the mark.

      In respect of ACT 2011, I think it’s a great upgrade, here’s why:

      Smart Tasks – A fantastic feature that will definitely improve efficiancy for most users. It’s not what I would class as a proper workflow but for a first effort, it’s pretty good

      Outlook Integration – All I can say is HOOOOOOOOOOOORAY!!! The ability to now syncronise contacts between ACT and Outlook is excellent and seems to have been a long time coming. In Sage’s defense, it was probably more down to Microsoft locking down the functionality (and for obvious reason) but it’s finally here and a very welcome addition

      Business Info Services (Hoovers) – I can understand the thought process behind this functionality, will it be well received? I guess only time will tell

      Direct Import from Excel – Another welcome addition and again, somethinng that I’ve received many requests for over the past few years. Basically, it allows you to setup what’s known as a synonm (a so called template where you define what fields map where). Also allows you to define a variety of alternative field names that will always map to the correct field in ACT

      For example: An import file may refer to Address 1 using any of the following:

      Address1 / Postal Address1 / Add1 / Business Address etc…

      So what you are now able to do, in a specific XML file contained within the ACT directory, you can now specify that all of the above alternatives, will automatically map to the Address 1 field in ACT without you having to specify it manually. Pretty cool

      ACT Mobile Live – Can’t comment yet as I haven’t fully tested it but watch this space…

      Hope this helps and I look forward to providing you with even more great lessons in respect of ACT 2010 and Sage ACT 2011

      Warm regards as always


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