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ACT 2010 Training Tutorial – No.1 on Google out of 5.4 million results

ACT By Sage 2010 Training Tutorials – The most fantastic ACT resource on the web – Step By Step Tutorials, videos, audios, advice and a whole host of value – www.act-2010.co.uk


How cool is that?

I just had to broadcast this because somebody just revealed something to me which I genuinely couldn’t believe

Now whether you’ve been a long term subscriber of mine or you’ve only just registered for what I believe to be, the very best ACT resources available on the web (especially as they’re all currently free), you’ve hopefully experienced the high quality tutorials I provide.

Apart from my main ACT 2010 site http://www.act-2010.co.uk/, I also obviously have this blog and both sites offer truly amazing resources

And what I want to share with you today, is the power of providing huge value and relevant content

Just hop over to Google http://www.google.com/ or http://www.google.co.uk/ and type in the search phrase act 2010 tutorial


Out of nearly 5.4 million results, my site is not only on page 1 but it’s also in the no.1 spot

Who ever said the internet wasn’t the most amazing thing to ever happen to this world

No special SEO, no back links, no submissions to article sites just great content

Just thought I’d share that with you and I’m sure part of the reason it’s shot to the top of the pile, is because the number of visitors I now get to my sites, so thank you so much for being one of them, I really do appreciate it

Talk to you soon and very best regards as always

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